Certification stamp issued by the American Dairy Association that producers of dairy look to attain to give the consumer the certification of its contents and  manufacturing. American dairy producers are always looking for the best products for your family!

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Foods that contain probiotics are becoming more demanded, as they provide a natural solution to maintain digestive health. The benefits of probiotics are numerous, among which the production of antibacterial substances that enhance the defense against invasion by other microorganisms.This probiotic also aids in lowering blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, prevents colon cancer and reduces inflammation. The Bifidobacterium BB-12 ® is a probiotic strain of bacteria known worldwide. It has been used safely by the food industry for over 20 years.


Fiber is a carbohydrate derived from plants and can not be digested by our bodies because it is resistant to enzymes involved in digestion. Therefore provides no calories, but it has important functions to the digestive process such as these:

• Dietary fiber speeds the passage of foods through the digestive system which facilitates regularity.

• Diets naturally high in fiber can help prevent constipation.

• Reduces the risk of colon cancer.

• Improvements in gastrointestinal health.

• Improvements in glucose tolerance and the insulin response.

• Reduction of hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and other coronary heart disease risk factors.

The daily recommended intake of fiber is 25 to 35g per day (this can be obtained by maintaining a balanced and complete diet).


California has been the nation's leading dairy state since 1993, and is ranked first in the U.S. in the production of total milk, butter, ice cream, yogurt, nonfat dry milk, and whey protein concentrate.


The Hebrew word kosher means everything that relates to kosher dietary law. Kosher foods are permitted to be consumed and can be used as ingredients in the production of additional food.


The term Halaal refers to the set of practices permitted by Islam. Although the term itself encompasses all types of practices, it is commonly associated with food acceptable under sharia, or Islamic law. In Halaal products not only takes into account the ingredients that were used to develop the product, they also have certain requirements in the development process, so that there are several international organizations that certify products that companies want to introduce into Islamic markets. Halaal Certification is widespread throughout the Islamic world and consumers take it as a reference when purchasing their products in supermarkets.


The main foods that are rich in calcium are milk and its derivatives (milk, yogurt, cheese). EL MEXICANO ® Yogurt is made with fresh milk and natural fruit that will provide calcium, vitamins and proteins, which are part of the energy for the functioning of our body, in addition to providing benefits for a great nutrition. The intake of dairy and calcium may be associated with a lower risk of hypertension and coronary artery disease. It is also associated with the following:

  1. Calcium is a key component of both bones and teeth, helping to form and maintain their strong structure and  reducing the occurrence of osteoporosis.

• Calcium is a vital component in blood clotting systems and also helps in wound healing.

• Calcium helps to control blood pressure, nerve transmission, and release of neurotransmitters.

• Calcium is an essential component in the production of enzymes and hormones that regulate digestion, energy, and fat metabolism.